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International scientific society, our purpose is to maintain the dynamism of Art Therapy.

The aims of the Society are to establish and maintain links between the various specialists interested in the field of psychiatry and art-therapy, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

Society life

The next General Ordinary Meeting of S.I.P.E.

took place during the International Congress  SIPE-AT from the 13th to the 15th of september 2012 in Toulouse on the theme : «Amours, désamours...».
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Remembering Irene jakab (1919-2011)

“The 18 of June this year Irene Jakab left us. Everybody knew her as one of the founders of our Society, an industrious participant, speaker of the SIPE conferences and an enthusiastic fighter for the field of psychopathology of expression.

Irene Jakab was born on 15 of July, 1919 in Nagyvárad (now Oradea Mare – Romania), attending the schools there. She obtained her medical diploma in Transylvania, Kolozsvár (now: Cluj) beginning her medical career at Neurological and Psychiatric University Clinic there beside Professor István Környey. After the Second World War, the Clinic moved from Transylvania to Pécs, Hungary. In the mean time she graduated from philosophy-psychology “cum laude”, and in 1948 she obtained her M.A. from psychology and pedagogy with “summa cum laude.” Having conflicts with the communist regime she left Hungary for Switzerland and later for Paris. Her medical career abroad started at the Harvard University Boston in the USA in 1966. After completing her studies at the Menninger School of Psychiatry, she moved to Pittsburgh where, for the first one in the United States, she developed the John Merck Program for mentally retarded psychotic children. She was an active professor at the Pittsburgh University until 1992. Having retired, she returned to Harvard Boston teaching psychiatry, and became the consultant of the Mclean Teaching Hospital.

From her very rich scientific achievement I selected some most significant ones. Her Pittsburgh activity is reflected by a book “Mental Retardation” (Karger, Basel 1982). She edited and wrote valuable chapters on differential diagnostics and organizational aspects of the subject..."


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Launch of the PSYCHOPATHOLOGICA CONFINIA journal (SIPE Official)

confinia psychopathologica

It is the continuation of Psychiatrica Confinia which was abandoned in 1980. It mainly covers art therapy and the psychopathology of expression. Its aim is to provide news and details about developments in art therapy, to help therapists and related disciplines to publish their studies ad thoughts, as well as to encourage collaboration.

The languages used in the journal are English, French and German,

It is available both in a printed version and online.

You can subscribe to it for between 19 and 39 euros per year to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You can also submit your research papers, reviews and case studies to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , in “Call of papers” (web 

You can download the first issue free of charge. 

István Hárdi, Jean-Pierrel Martineau, Zoltán Vass (Éditeurs)


I. Hárdi: Preface
I. Jakab: Comments to the launching of the new journal, Confinia Psychopathologica
M. Schuster: Grußwort für die Confinia Psychopathologica

Original papers
G. Roux: Opicinus de Canistris: Yesterday and today
D. Waller: Art therapy and children: A review of past and current practice
M. Schuster: Kann man bildnerische Kreativität messen?
R. F. Földi: Analysis of hyperactive children’s projective drawings
J. Alvernaz-Nagy: The MetanoiaMentoring™ method. Integrative therapy and coaching with colors
J.-M. Barthélémy: A la pathographie à l’approche phénoméno-structurale en psychopathologie et psychologie de l’expression

Iconologia psychopatologica: From photography to the dynamic examination of drawing (Hommage à István Hárdi)

Conferences, exhibitions, trainings


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