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International scientific society, our purpose is to maintain the dynamism of Art Therapy.

The aims of the Society are to establish and maintain links between the various specialists interested in the field of psychiatry and art-therapy, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

The S.I.P.E: who are we?

A scientific international society

logo SIPEThe Society was created by Pr Robert Volmat in October 1959, under the Honorary Chairmanship of Professor Jean Delay (Clinique des Maladies Mentales et de l’Encéphale, Hôpital Sainte-Anne, Paris), during the First International Art Psychopathology Congress in Verona, which at that time gathered nine already existing national societies.

The aims of the Society are to establish and maintain links between the various specialists interested in the relationships between expression, creation and art and current national and international research in the field of psychiatry and art-therapy, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

Beyond the clinical work undertaken since its creation and continued today in a pluri- and interdisciplinary spirit in the wake of the pioneers who have led the way since the last two and a half decades of the nineteenth century, our Society is especially interested in personal creativity and in the awakening of the basic potentialities, sometimes spontaneously underlying singular art and usually involved in expressive activities, which allow the psychotherapeutic management of patients in an institutional care environment or in free expression workshops.

Therefore, the field of interest of SIPE goes well beyond the area of plastic expression itself, extending to all forms of expression: musical, gestural (dancing and miming), theatrical and literary, cinematographic, photographic, etc. and to the psychotherapeutic implications derived therefrom.

This international medical society gathers psychiatrists as well as practitioners in other areas of medical specialization. It is widely open to specialists of related disciplines such as art therapists, psychomotricians, psychologists, psychoanalysts, sociologists, ethnologists, researchers in aesthetic, artists, writers, linguists, historians, critics...

An active network in Art Therapy research


Its active members come from all continents, especially Europe (Germany, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Poland, Greece, Russia, Portugal …), North and South America, the Far East, India, and Oceania.

SIPE is a founding member of the World Psychiatry Association and a member of the World Federation for Mental Health. It is governed by Articles of Association that are available to any person concerned. It has been joined by various other groups that share its research work and objectives.

Every three years SIPE organizes a statutory international congress focusing on a scientific theme selected by the Board members. The following is a chronological list of these events: 1960: Catania (Italy), 1962: Antwerp (Belgium), 1964: Barcelona (Spain), 1967: Paris (France), 1970: Istanbul (Turkey), 1973: Boston (USA), 1976: Jerusalem (Israel), 1979: Verona (Italy), 1982: Munich (Germany), 1985: London (UK), 1988: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 1991: Paris (France), 1994: Kyoto (Japan), 1997: Biarritz (France), 2000 : Liège (Belgium), 2003 :Athens (Greece), 2006 Belfast (Northern Ireland), Lisboa (Portugal) in 2009. The next one will take place in Toulouse (France) in 2012.

Between these International Congresses, seminaries are organized at the initiative of SIPE members or closely related groups. In France, SIPE participates in other annual or special meetings. In the frame of these events or independently SIPE organizes exhibitions as often as possible.

Every three months (March, June, September and December), SIPE circulates to its members and sympathizers a Newsletter containing international information.

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